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My NCC-1701 Enterprise.

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Your bit with the F-18 is very close to what I was planning to do with my PL 1/350 NX-01 Enteprise as I was planning to stick an F4F Wildcat with its wings folded inside the shuttle bay. Just a little something to mess with the IPMS Judges. ;)

Nice work BTW!

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The inside lights are not as bright as I would have hoped. Sadly I had to split the lines to run it off two batteries. All 40 of one was far too dim.

I hope to be painting the lower hull today.

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Yep Aztec decals, just like on the primary hull. Sadly they do not show up in the photos, but ask Elmo, they are there.

I told SWMBO'd I am too tired to work overtime this week so Wed and Thursday is going to be building time.

Hopefully the replacement ENTERPRISE decal shows up in the mail by then and I can call this build done.

As for the lights. They are there. The camera flash seems to bleach them out. Unless I have every light off when taking the photos they do not seem to show up. Made one mistake.....well two.......The warp nacelles I reversed the port and starboard lights somehow. :) Not ripping that amount of putty apart so forget it.

40 lights. I figure really I could have made due with just the exterior lights really...Oh and the shuttlebay. Should have stuck with 16 lights. oh well they are cheap.

Other sad thing is there really is no where to put the wires apart from out the bottom and into the base.

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Round two sent me a replacement decal sheet (thanks Susan and company), the gloss is on and drying. As I am off Wednesday I hope to have another photo to show very soon.

So, to sum up regarding the decals. The company takes care of its customers :) . But it would not hurt to check your decal sheet to ensure it has suitable carrier on all markings. The replacement sheet appeared to have enough but I still added some decal film to be on the safe side. I don't want to have to bug the company more then once.

Round two is good to go in my books.

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I just came across this build. It came out great and the decals look real nice. What paint did you use as the base?

I recently bought a 1/350 Big E and some of the decals had smudges on them. I contacted Round 2 and they replaced the 2 sheets for me. They have great customer service.

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I used a tin of rust. I think it was Humbrol, but I'm not sure as I spilled it and tossed the empty tin. I HATE those freakin STUPID tins.

I had a problem with my decals too as you can see a couple pages back, I agree great customer service!!!!!!!

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