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Daydreaming - HH3F Pelican...

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Anyone here ever built a HH3F Pelican in 1/48 scale? From the limited research that I have done, no one offers this variant in 1/48 scale, so I would probably have to do a major conversion of one of the available kits. Just curious how difficult/challenging it would be? I can see that the tail boom is highly differnt, as well as the intake area over the cabin, possibly the doors and sponsons, etc... In looking around the Internet, it appears that I may have to combine the front cabin of a Hasegawa SH3H Seaking, , and the rear portion of a Revell CH53G, and/or an Academy CH53E. I am currently working on finishing up my Jetranger, converting another JetRanger into a LongRanger, and several other detailed projects. So, this is not something that I will do in the near future, but just gathering ideas, reference materials, kits(s), etc. I also hope to develop my skill level to the point where accomplishing this task and doing it justice will be possible. I am thinking of a United States Coast Guard HH3F, like this one from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_S-61R . Thanks for your input.


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There was one done by an Italian fellow at Telford in 2007. Essentially, you use the nose, the engine/transmission dog house, the main rotor and the tail rotor, and scratch build everything else. He'd skinned his fuselage (which was fully fitted out inside) with aluminum from Coke cans (!). It was spectacular, but "major conversion" only scratches the surface.


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I believe that Jon (Cobra Historian) did an excellent conversion of the Hase Seaking into an HH-3E. Not sure what the differences are between the AF model and the Coastie version but it should be do-able with a good amount of scratch building. He has a step-by-step build log back in this forum. I'd love to see someone do this, I remember seeing these helos landing all the time at the small CG rescue boat station in Scituate, MA when I was a kid. I think in some ways, the HH-60 was a step back. I remember one of the CG guys saying that the Jayhawk wasn't particularly well-liked due to the small cabin area and lack of range.

Good luck,


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