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S-3B Viking, buno # 159733

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Building this one representing the Viking lost on 8 November 1998 on board the USS Enterprise.

Updating the AMT kit with Goffy models interior set and their wheel bay set.. Other accessories include Royale resin wheels, Squadron canopy, and Paragon wold fold set.

Surgery begins


Interior set parts and LH escape hatch cut out


Careful cutting of the Goffy model liners.


Inner structure "hatch landing"


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Sweet Build!

The old Viking is a pretty cool little plane and it's nice to see a build representing one with a little history to it. Can't wait to see what it is going to look like with that extra detailing.

I'll definitely be watching the progress

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More progress this weekend. Slowly but surely....

Reworking the APU area, correcting shape & may show the exhaust opened. Also added mesh areas.

A lot of putty, looks bad now but will clean up just fine.


A lot of material removed inside to fit Goffy wheel bays & interior set


Making the aft stowable steps deployed, just holes for now....


Access hatches opened and APU area again.

Also, had to add windows (kit ones too thick & tinted) so I made a recessed area,

with plenty of excess area to add .010 thk clear plastic. sanded all flush and

wil mask window area for final paint.


Inner shots of the opened hatches and APU area


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Been working on the wings & control surfaces. Wings & tail will be folded (Paragon wing fold set) and control surfaces will be posed in a deflected position except rudder.





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As I promised, progress.

First thing I improved the nose gear especially the launch bar. As you can see, the kit part is a thick block.

It is still a work in progress....





Next thing on the agenda was to move the fan guide vanes further into the fan cowl.

I added 1/4" material to the front of the core. The fan section is AM resin (cant think of name right now).



Last is the weapons bay door, it is what Goffy models supplies. All the braces & hinges are separate pieces.


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