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Modern F-15C 1/48

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I could do with some serious advice before tackling my next project, a current Lakenheath based F-15C using the Hasegawa early boxing in 48th.

The 48th kit I have looks great although I realised as soon as I opened the box that it is very early 'C' model. I dont have a bottomless budget but do plan on getting the Airies Burner cans and cockpit but what else do i need to get this up scratch???

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Wolfpack's F-15C MSIP update set is a pretty good place to start.

Actually, all you need is the LAU-128 w/ ADU-552 set as the rest is pretty easy to scratch-build.


Even those can be scratch built if your not to crazy about detail, Specially if you have something to work off of from another kit. Like the LAU in the revell F-18E/F or the tamiya F-16s etc.

Soon we will have another thing to work on tho, If and when the BOL becomes main stream.

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It would be a MSIP jet. In the cockpit you should change the main instrument panel to add the MPCD to the lower left link. On the exterior, the GPS antenna would need to be added, and you would have to add the antenna to the right tail boom link again, and modify the right, rear formation strip light link one more time. The arresting hook fairing should be removed along with the two trapezoidal shaped vents under the engines. The antennas at the base of the nose radome have to be added and you should check pictures of the jet you're doing to see what shape antennas are used aft of the cockpit and below the nose; they've been changing from a square shape to a "shark fin" shape. Chaff/flare dispensers also need to be added in front of the main gear wells and LAU-128 rails on the wing pylons.



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