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Space Shuttle Cutaway-winter project

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Thank you adrianu ... !

I'm also in the process of building the 1/72 Shuttle on a Hubble repair mission ... and my Hubble Space Telescope was scratch built too!

I've got this one and a 1/100 Shuttle waiting to be completed.


Is the scale of yours 1/179? or is that typo?

Don't be shy about showing us your progress photos! We'd love to see 'em!

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       Thank you K2Pete to motivate to show my work and in more or less one week I will ready to make a new topic and I will keep in touch.


       Firstable thank you again for all your motivating work because give me a lot of reference.

   and i'm a lot of impaciencia to know about your new  project. Thanks.


      Yes!!, is in scale 1/179, I bought a child kit in the grocery store. ( please don't suggest anything at first look of the child kit )


       I tell you about  a child kit.  Consist of a shuttle space in 6 pieces, with a screwdriver to screw the pieces and a Hubble telescope ( The only importan think of the hubble is it      dimension, that all) 


           My plan consist in to do in scratch all of the upper side of the shuttle ( cockpit, cargo bay, wings, engine room and of course the hubble telescope ) and of course , like you       tell us in the beginning, the design how to do it and the decision to make is the most important thing to prepare to work of it.


    I only work with iron, brass and any kink of metal. I am attaching the link of some of my work in this hobby of the modeler scale


Thanks you!!








and my last  work in progress...







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I took a look at your builds on Finescale and ... my goodness! The Submarine U-234 looks spectacular!


I'm certain your little Shuttle and Hubble will look superb! Your attention to detail, your imagination and your ability to build in metal, large models or small models, will be a lot of enjoyment to see.


This is the link to my ongoing build of the Shuttle and HST ...



Adrianu, have you seen Spaceman's build of the 1/144 Shuttle?? The detail he is using in his build is something you will appreciate!


I look forward to seeing your progress!


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Thanks you for yours words, I really appreciate.


Yours 1/72 Shuttle and Hubble Space Telescope is sometime spectacular because you pay attention to detail top and try to do close up to reality...I will follow this...



For my project I will take the STS-125. ( same to you)...and I will not attach the Hubble to the shuttle space. It will be with the canadian arm. I decide this for two major reason


1) I want to see inside the engine room, and if the Hubble are in its position the engine will not be possible to appreciate a lot.


2) I want to see all the back of the Hubble


You motivate to me to share my project and I attached a picture while I prepare the material ( In the final stage I will take care of all the skin of the shuttle ) 


Your project with the Hubble is spectacular. Thanks.






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Adrian ... this looks so-o-o good already!


But please start your own thread. This thread is old and no one looks at it anymore ... and we all need to see this modelling of yours.

Include photos that show how you started this Shuttle and every step you take to build your model.


To post your photos, I use Fotki, but I pay a fee every year. But I can post many photos in one posting session.

Some modellers use free photo sites, others just post one photo at a time like you're doing.


Thanks for showing your pix! I hope we see you own build thread!  :thumbsup:


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Adrianu - wow!


Your work is spectacular - and congratulations on the other stunning projects.  As Pete suggested - try starting a separate posting to host your work - it's well deserved.  And yes - Pete's work is incredibly inspiring!


Hope to see more - Ret

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Thanks you Peter and Ret for all your tips !...( in about 2 week a will start my own thread) and I will contact because I want to show all the steps I can ( the project already beginning some time ago )


Let me tell you K2Pete, here in Guatemala many people has lookin your work and talk about it ( of course, they comment to me ) and admiring you!.


In Guatemala there is not work ( any kind) that has your ability. My work is separately from the plastic. But I'm very happy for knowing you and talk about it ...thanks !!


There's is no too much guys like us (joke!!)





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On 1/31/2011 at 11:44 AM, K2Pete said:

Thank you very much gentlemen! I never get tired of hearing nice words! :pray:


So here's some final pix. For all intents and purposes, it's done, but I'll probably do some little tweaking here and there. I wanna have it ready for an upcoming show, in about a month or so.


Some quick info ... I don't know how long this took as I stopped counting at 300 hours. I figger it's close to 900 hours in this model ... sheesh! :)

At least a couple of thousands parts, bits and pieces of styrene, resin, foil, photo-etch brass ... whew!


There are a few major flaws and a lot of small ones ... this won't win any major awards, but heck, I've learned a helluva lot about building a model as well as a heckuva lot about the Space Shuttle Orbiter! ... and I'm really glad it's done. 😄


I've enjoyed every minute ( almost ... ) of this build and I'm blown away that this build has attracted over 25,000 views!

Thanx guys


Here's a bit of a walkaround ...












I just came across this model you built, and I'm almost lost for words. I can't begin to imagine the effort and

struggles, but the photos speak for themselves. Its insane and you did an amazing job with it, "well done on

creating this masterpiece of a Shuttle!"

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Many Thanx Underdog!!

It was indeed a lot of effort, a lot of research but, it was a helluva lot of fun too!

And it's still my favourite model!

Looking at these pix, it's hard to believe that I built this! What a hoot!


Thanks again!


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