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REPUBLIC F-84G-5-RE Thunderjet

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Anyone know if there is a 1:48 scale model of the REPUBLIC F-84G-5-RE Thunderjet? Or if not, has anyone kit bashed one? I just purchased decals for this model and that's what is printed on the decal sheet. I see F-84F-46-RE (swept wing). But was there a straight wing camera nose version?

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Tamiya and Revell both make F-84G's. Don't worry about the block number. There is virtually no difference between any F-84Gs of different production blocks. Just be careful not to get the Revell F-84E version, which does have some detail differences.


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No such animal. The RF-84 was the RF-84F swept wing variant.


Not completely accurate.

For info on the Royal Norwegian AF {R}F-84E, go here and download the PDF file: http://vingtor.net/

And Hi Decal does decals for the Danish and Yugoslav RF-84G in both 1/72 & 1/48 scale:



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There is a difference in the "G" block numbers. Suck-in doors commenced on F-84G Block 20; earlier blocks, such as Block 5, did not have the suck-in doors, so were like the "E" that did not have them. And, yes, there was the Rece version of the F-84G, but not an official production item from Republic. They were field modified by adding cameras either under fuselage centerline or to the nose of Fletcher tanks or both. RF-84G is not an official USAF or Republic designation, just so-called because that is what they became in practice with the mods.

There were two versions of the fuselage camera installation, Yugoslavia and NATO. They were used by Yugoslavia, Denmark, France, and Norway. Thus, there are several options for modeling the RF-84G.

The Hi-Decal sheet mentioned above and the Model Art items available have all the skinny on the mods and some specific SerNos that had the mods. Model Art has both decals and resin parts for the RF-84G conversion. Decals are item MA002, Resin conversion as item MA004, just bought those about two months ago, have had the Hi-Decal 48017 set since they became available.

Which kit to use (speaking of 48th scale)? The Tamiya kit has the suck-in doors molded into the fuselage, thus suitable for Block 20 and later. The RevMonProMod "G" kit (variously boxed) is molded with that portion of the fuselage left open with the option of using parts furnished for either with or without the suck-in doors. Now, the caveat ... some of the early-block "G" were modified by adding the suck-in doors to a few pre-20-block series that had not yet left Republic assembly. Thus, the modeler is advised to check any photos available of the specific aircraft being modeled.

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