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F-16A ADF from Tamiya F-16C

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Thank you all mates.

In maling this bird I had to face a big problem: I had to show it as it has been in Cervia during no more than a week in April 2009.

Before that period it had no names on fuselage and canopy frames, just after that period it was moved to 37°Stormo in Trapani (Sicily) and partially repainted with a special colour black tail. Actually the configuration shown is that of the delivery flight to Trapani.

Since Italian ADV has been delivered with haze paint they are very prone to weathering.

Lighter Gray FS 36375 use to be darken on the underside and almost bare metal on the upper fuselage. To achive this a mixed Gunze FS 36375 with Tamiya Chrome Silver. Then heavy weathered the bottom with strains of Gundam Markers.

For the Gunship Gray I use a mix of FS 36118 by Gunze + some dropds of 36375 to make it faded and some Tamiya Chrosme Silver for the Haze paint.

I understand Haze paint is not easy to see in my photos but these days it is impossible to find a ray of sun to make the sufaces to shine :thumbsup:

Here you are a few photos of the real one to show you what I'm talking about.




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