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1-350 Mogami "Aircraft Carrying Cruiser"

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Here she is - it took 4 months and about 100 hours. It is my first ship model. Learning the assembly and painting sequence was the hardest part. Fit and engineering is very very good. Tamiya is genius! The aircraft (but it's not about them - right?) took 12 hours for the eleven. They were airbrushed free hand (improved my skills I'll tell ya!). Each one has 17 decals, the whole ship has only one! Anyway here she is...

The Mogami was a Japanese cruiser that was modified to carry extra recce aircraft, "Jakes" and "Petes". It could accomodate up to 11 but normally carried about 8. She fought at Leyte Gulf but was sunk at the battle of the Suriago Strait on the day after.









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Outstanding work :) The flotilla of wee floatplanes is especially impressive :crying2:

Would *love* to be able to afford this 1/350 beauty, but will have to settle for 1/700 :( For next year I'm contemplating doing a diorama of the moment before the Mogami and Nachi collided in the Suriago Straight

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Magnificant ship! I didn't know the Japanese made mini-carriers, learn something new every day. The aircraft (I know, its not about aircraft) look great. Very impressive. Now were ya gonna rig them Petes...........


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