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Dragon 1/35th M4A3E8"Easy 8" Sherman

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She is done for this group build, down the line I want to build a base and put her in some mud, so did not go crazy with mud on tacks and wheels yet. Will say,,,,,,Some reason the pictures show the wheels and tracks light then they are. The wheels are the same color as the above pictures and tracks are a clayish green((base color for mud effect)), yet they look gray and tires look lighter then they did in the above picture. Wheels are actually tan, same color that is on the "sides" of the side skirts and back end of the tanks.

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very nice Wayne - not an expert, but I like your treatment of the tools
Thanks bud, wife was not to happy about the Sledge hammer sitting in the Kitchen for a few Days :).

I will admit after doing them, I did not think about making the handle coming through the top part of the hammer.

Pictures from Stephen help allot also, so I have to thank him to, I would of thought they were green.

Yes, it's turned out very nicely. Now you just need to think about how you are going to display it.

Yeah, have a few going through my mind, tempted to put a MB next to it and have a figure standing on the tank to represent Abrams.

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