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Welcome to the Dropping Iron Group Build! I'm very excited to be moderating this and as this is my first time doing so, this will be a learning experience. This group build is dedicated to the aircraft that have a special role of dropping air to ground ordnance. This can be from bombers to multirole aircraft to patrol planes to dive bombers. As such, there are a few rules

to follow. I'll try to make it short and to the point. I pasted this from the thread in the General Discussion forum because I'm too lazy to type it up again.

The group build runs from Jan. 1st to Jul 1st. I will be your host.


Open to all scales, all eras, all nationalities, any aftermarket, scratchbuilding is allowed and encouraged. Any kit of a bomber is fine. Experimental and prototype aircraft are allowed. What-ifs are allowed, also.

Here is where it gets complicated.

-Multirole aircraft:

The main rule is that the model MUST BE ARMED FOR GROUND ATTACK. Attack aircraft are allowed. Examples are the A-6, A-7, A-10, A-1, Su-24, Su-25, F-111, F-117, ect. What-ifs are allowed as long as they are reasonabally represented. In other words, no Mavericks or Aim-9's on a P-47. Realistic load outs are fine as I know a lot of modellers will want to make their model as accurate as possible. Fighter bombers are allowed if they have an air to ground capability built into the airframe or has been modified to drop air to ground ordnance. Examples are the F-15E(?), CF-104, F-14D, (and possibly the C-130 and MOAB combo?). F/A-18, F-22, F-16, ect. Torpedo aircraft are allowed, Patrol aircraft are fine as long as they carried air to ground (or air to surface) ordnance. Examples are the S-3, P-3(CP-140?), ect.

I thought about including helicopters, too. Unfortunately, they are not allowed. I figure we'll leave that group for their own

group build.

- Unmanned aeriel vehicles (UAV's) are allowed after being so politely reminded :huh: (thanks Dave!)

-Bomber conversions ( freighter, tanker, firebombers, ect) are not allowed, unfortunately. I thought very long and hard about this. I would love to have had this catagory included, but I decided against it, as it would go against the theme of the group build. I know a lot of modellers wanted to do this, and were going to enter with a conversion. I apolagize for this. Please do show your conversions in the gallery thread when it is up and running. I would very much like to see them.

-Scratchbuild projects are most welcome and encouraged.

-All entries must not be more than 30% completed. Basically, fuselage and wings glued.

-You may enter a model from another group build as long as it meets the 30% rule.

-Full restorations are allowed.

Well, this is about it for the rules. If you have any questions concerning the rules, please post here. Most of all, lets have tons of fun and let's drop some iron!


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My thinking is that if a fixed wing aircraft can drop a bomb, then it is allowed. I did include the C-130/ MOAB in the rules,

so it is allowed. The C-5 with the 60,000 bomb is something I haven't heard about, but if it's true, it is allowed also.


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