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I'm in, although it was a hard choice between this and the P-47 build. I'm going to attempt 2 builds, one that I should be able to finish, and one that I have been looking at for some time, that will be a bear (not in the Russian bomber sense).

#1 1/48 AMT A-20 B or C, something in desert camo, as I have plenty left over from the Spitfire build. Maybe SAAF, if I can cobble together some decals.

#2 1/72 Vac Formaplane B-9 Deathangel. I've been collecting bits to build her up right, this may be the time....


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Going to pop out a couple Hobbycraft A-4s.

Going to do an A-4E (markings undecided, though I have a couple options)

and I have a boxing for an A-4C that I am going to either build up as a C or a L....leaning towards a Libra cause you don't see many and I have some cool markings for it!

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(---'scuse the edit, I just read the 30% rule !!!!!)

Two Tornados.........

From the late Cold War we will have; a IX (9) sqn GR1 in euro camo, with 8000 lbs of raw iorn bombs

and from modern times we have a; 31 sqn GR4 in anniversary colours, with Storm Shadows

-This is already to the cockpit stage

-the dawn to the twilight of the Tonka ?

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At first I was considering an A-6E using the Revell kit, but I spied something in my stash that I think will be perfect for this. It is the 1/72 XB-70 Valkyrie by Italeri (AMT/Ertl) mold. It never dropped a bomb in its life, but it sure as heck made the Russians go nuts when they saw its capabilities!

Aftermarket used: None (this will be an OOB build with the stock decal sheet, not like the B-70 wore any operational schemes anyway)

Of course, the big question will be where the heck I'm going to stick the monster when it is done as it is a LONG model.

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I would like to enter with a Revell 1/72 Lancaster. I'm kinda undecided as to the markings it will carry, but I can figure that out later. :banana: Now if I can just finish it.......


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I'd like to enter something when I'll finish my MiGs the MiG GB deadline will be over. This would be a nice opportunity to finish proceed with my Monogram B-17G.

EDIT: because I used the fi-word...

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Im planning on entering a Revellogram F-15E. Going to be doing a loadout found on the F15E.info website.

Found this loadout that consist of 8 GBU-12's, and I prefer the look of symmetrical loads so Im leaning towards this one. Just have to figure out how to come up w/ the required iron.


Although these 2 interest me as well.

9 GBU 12's


5 GBU-12s and 6 Mk 82 dumb bombs. Lots of iron on this one.


I also have a Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 that I may try doing, but Im not sure. I have to decide if I want to add any photoetch to the build, so that may keep it from being done.

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I'm onboard with a;

1/48 Monogram F-105D "Memphis Belle II"

AMS Resin cockpit

Aeromaster Decals

And a;

1/48 Hasegawa A-4M VMA-311 lo-vis

Cutting Edge seat

Two Bobs decals

Steel Beach intake covers


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going to do a 1:72 has dambusters lancaster, with eduard big ed set. And going to source some decals for one of the aussie crews who flew on that mission with 617SQN. Once i've moved into my new house next week

regards Crossy

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WOW, how`d this sneak past me? (All that New Year cheer, that`s how, MWAAHHAHAHAHA).

Gotta be 72nd Hase F-15E from me, converted to Israeli F-15I Ra`am......again. :unsure:

Wonder how I`ll make this `un different?


Cheers, Ian

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