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I started my Bone at 12:01am at work. I haven't got much done yet still waiting for decals and PE to arrive but thought i'd post pics of what I have so far. Wings, stabs, tail and fuel tank glued together started filling pin marks in the intake trunks and sink marks in the intake faces.






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Thanks Ryan. This will be my fourth one so I know it's a really fun build. With the molds really starting to show there age this one is going to be a real joy to finish.

Four !?! :wub:

Where do you keep them?

Your start looks great by the way.

I remember building the 1/72 from Airfix just when it came out.

And I had some trouble placing that.



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Ok so a little more done on my Bone.

Wing filled and sanded.


Intakes filled amd sanded. Still have to make the vanes.(They look better in person.)



AGM-69As 2/3 built.


Tires glued together.(Anybody got a set of the rubber ones not being used?)


I have a picture of the decals but I'm not sure if I can/should post them.

Well that's all for now. Hope to have more done soon.

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Ok I've made some head way on my BONE.

RCS vanes added to intakes.


I've desided to add photos of the decals both kit and the ones I'm using.

First the kit decals.


Now the FOX ONE decals.


Sorry for the poor photos but I suck with a camera. I've also started on painting landing gear and weapons bays. I'll post photos when I get more then just white on them.

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Just a quick update. Not much work done waiting for parts. My SAC metal gear should be here today and I finally got to order the Eduard PE set I thought I ordered today that should be here in a couple days. This has been a couple of firsts for me. This is my first group build and my first orders form Sprue Brothers. When I get all my parts and get some work done I'll post pics.

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Ok I've gotten more done on my Bone. I need to redo the wings and engine pods I forgot just how bad the seems and sink marks are. Anyway on to the pics and what I have gotten done.

Main landing gear bays.




Nose gear bay.(Sorry for the bad pic.)


Weapons bays.








Well that's all for now. Next time I'll let you know about the SAC metal landing gear. I'm not sure about them just yet I need to play with them some more.

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I've gotten the forward two weapons bays and the main landing gear well glued in. Some of the PE in the aft bay popped off and the carpet monster has hidden it. If I can't find the PE I think I'm just going to close the aft doors and leave the fuel tank out. With any luck I should have the center section together this weekend.

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Ok so I got a little more done. I finished the cockpit. I didn't used all the PE since it can't be seen.


Nose weights added. I used .30-06 shells cut down and packed with lead shot.



I have the forward fuselage glued together and have started to paint the wings and stabs. I'll post more pics later.

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Ok I have gotten some painting done.

Top right wing.


Bottom right wing.


Top left wing.


Bottom left wing.


Top of stabs.


Bottom of stabs.


That's all I've gotten done as of late. I hope to have these parts clear coated decaled and installed in the next few days.

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Well guys I have bad news. I won't be able to finish my Bone on time. With only seven days to go I just don't have enough time to finish without rushing. It's been a combination of work, kids and problems with the model. I will be getting it finished just don't know when. I had fun in my first group build and look forward to another. Thank you for all the kind words from all who commented.

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