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More of Matt's Mediocre Modeling

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Try and identify all the brands of paint in this pic!


Here is my Kinetic Barak under way. Mostly OOB with only Royale Resin wheels and Aeromaster/Eagle Strike decals as I am doing an early F-16C


A little further along, glossed and decals underway. The Kinetic decals are much better in this release than those on my AMs. Even the wingwalk decals are behaving.


Here is my Norwegian F-16AM...other than a broken pitot tube (thanks kitty) and a mistake on the walkways - I used the wrong colored ones, this AM should have had black walkways - not the gray ones


And finally here is my R/M Strike Eagle underway. It is OOB with Afterburner decals. Great decals, but gawd I hate adding stencils!


And finally the proof that I have been busy in my Unemployment Solo Stash Slash Group Build


And where all of the magic happens!

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Great looking builds. They all came out really nice. If that is mediocre to you I would like to see what you call good. I am also unemployed and am right beside you building models. You have a pretty big unemployed group build going. Mine is pretty big too. Somewhere along the line of 30 built since I lost my job. Good luck to you finding a job.


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