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1/48 Academy F-15I

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Thanks to Jin on 'the other site' for these pics


GBU-15 with rocket motor to make it as an AGM-130 above it


SDB Bomb rack with the nose of the Popeye to the right


Targeting pods, guidence pod and ELTA ecm pod to the right


Litening Pod, some SDB and the exhaust with the 'Turkey Feathers' found on Israeli birds


Some other bits and pieces....


GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb


ELTA ECM pod (no idea what the 'ell part #3 to the left of it is!)


Another pic of AGM-130 motor


Python 4, launch rail and I think Popeye data link pod


Python 4 and AMRAAM

Again thanks to Jin (aka Viperbite)

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where did you got it?

i searched the luckymodel but it isnt in there....

only the F-15K(from Academy) is there.

I assume that it is pretty much the same with the K except some bits and weapons right ?


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Sprueology of the Academy Strike Eagle

A - Upper and lower fuselage, vertical fins and 'fighter main gear doors' (non-bulged) this sprue has been updatedfrom original release with gear doors

B - Nose, Horizontal stabilizers, intake bits, speed brake and main gear doors.

B(*) - Nose, Horizontal stabilizers, intake bits, speed brake and main gear doors. In current F-15E release has engine faces that SLAM Eagle doesn't

C - Wings and Inlets

C (*)- Wings Inlets and Sniper pod pylon (C9/10) in current OIF F-15E release only

D - intake trunking, cockpit, landing gear bits, 'old' (original issue) instrument panels - in the original C/D boxing cockpit and fuselage bits for single seater on this sprue

E - Air to Air missiles (Sparrows and AIM-9L), pylons, wheels, seats, engine bits from original release (not included in current boxings)

F - CFTs and 'vent' at the rear of the CFT on fuselage in current boxing

F(*)- CFTs, targeting pods, ASAT and CFT pylons from original kit (not in current boxing)

G - Two seater canopy - has been revised from original issue to include targeting pod clear parts - no Sniper 'glass' in SLAM Eagle sprue

H - 'lowered' intakes and turkey featherless exhausts (in original and new boxings of F-15E only)

H(*) - Lowered intakes only - found in SLAM Eagle release - exhaust bits removed

I - weaponry from original Strike Eagle release - Rockeyes, Mk 82, 500lb Paveway I and drop tanks (x2) - not in current issue

J - CFT and underwing pylons, instrument panels, data link pod, targeting pods and airframe details - in current issues

K - weaponry - JDAM, SLAM-ER, GBU-38s, AIM-9X, AIM-120C, engine details, wheels, antennas and ejection seats for- current issue (x2)

L - CFT pylons for USAF Strike Eagle - only in current OIF F-15E release

M - weaponry - GBU-12, penetrator JDAM, AIM-9M, AIM-120B and Sniper pod only - in current OIF F-15E release

N - the Israeli sprue (x2) - Popeye, Python 4, GBU-15/AGM-130, Data Link pods for both GBU-15 and Popeye, GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, F-15I exhaust, Lightening Targeting pod, Israeli ELTA ecm pod (Baz and USAF Aggressor fighters only), Python rails and a few other bits

O - IF we get a fighter upgrade kit in 2010 this may be the sprue we get - though Sprue K has 4 AIM-9x and 4 AIM-120C when doubled as the current issues have, they may only need to have the complete Sprue D with the single seater parts and a single seater canopy. It seems that we have have most of the bits to do an MSIP upgrade Eagle on sprues J and L. I hope we get CFT missile rails so I can FINALLY finish my Tunis Raid Baz!

Happy Modeling


The previous F-15I thread from late last year


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