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Which RLM74??

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14 hours ago, Antonio Argudo said:

I would like to revive this thread  10 years later, I have some interesting pictures of RLM 74 examples.

first is an original  Farbtonkarte issued in 1941 although 1938 is written in the chart, the  74/75/76  colors are the only ones that have no name, only number,  also I acquired some wooden relic  pieces from a 109g10  with 74/75/76 camo colors very well preserved, after  trying different mixes and paint brands, I found  that Tamiya XF-63 to be a very close match to RLM 74, funny the tamiya name is german grey, hope it is interesting to someone, cheers







Tamiya XF-63 is a great match to RLM 74



here some bf110 relic which shows RLM74 




bf109 cowling and ruder relics with RLM74 





I painted my 1/32 109 in these colors 













rlm 74

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1 hour ago, Cool Hand said:

It's amazing how different the color looks between the three pictures.

yes, that's the problematic with photography, I used a color sensor device to measure the color like this picture (RLM 76) and this is what RLM 74 looks like, not so green as some hobby paints  render like MRP or AK, cheers






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