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A-7D The "Tacos" New Mexico ANG 1991 Gunsmoke A-7 Top gun

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OK, i see what you mean. The decal instructions show this as painted, but i was able to find pics that this was as i have it. I have a February 1992 Air Combat magazine with a Gunsmoke 91 feature that shows New Mexico ANG A-7D as clearly being how i did mine, so that's how and why i did mine.


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The A-7 must live! I have done a lot of A-7's over the years, but have never done a 1/48 scale Hasegawa A-7D. We had 3 Ohio ANG units here in Ohio that flew the A-7D. I spent time at all three bases, but I the first base and the one that I still visit is the 178th at Springfield. I do go to the 180th on occasion. I have a cousin that was a DCC on one of their F-16's. Last I heard, he was the OG of the crew chiefs. But, I was practically adopted by the 178th. Those guys are my heroes. Starting with B.R.A.C. and continuing with the current administration, the Air National Guard is being gutted so they can spend OUR $$$ elsewhere. I have to stop right here, cause my blood is starting to boil. Sorry, I have digressed. I have been looking at all of the larger scales ANG A-7D's in the two-tone gray that I could find. You did a very, very nice job on your A-7. Thanks for giving me something to look at and take notes from.

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