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Hi again

One of my side by side project is this beauty,Mig-19S

I had trumpy one ,but gave it as a present to my very good friend,and bought this one.The difference in quality you can see first time you open the box(2 times smaller than trump),but I have no problem with that

On to the work! I don't know if this is a short run kit,but it look's like one. The fit is ok ( for me) ,sink marks only on the fairings of the horisontal stabs.I've put the resin cockpit,and a lot of weight in the nose,hope that will be enough, because the plastic is thick(2.5 and 3 mm on some areas ).

PE sheet looks great ,but not using the whole freet.The time I fixed charger for my camera,I've glued major parts





those yellow dots are stiren squares I used to fill the sink with hloroform



so far ,the wheel well's are the only thing I have scratch-builded



Any C & C?

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Hi mates,yes there is some progress on my projects,but there is war going on with my worst enemy,time...

I've done some filling and sanding on all of my kit's,so the next thing to do is masking canopies and fixing-rescribing panels




thats for now ,hope to post some new stuff soon

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This bird is also heavy preshaded...




I've managed to spray a coat of MM alluminium metalizer,but after that my head was banging on workdesk,so pics will be added later...

Also another two mig's are on there way,so now I have a real Mig-alley on my desk

Mig-29 that shuld be IRIAF, and Mig 21ST/BIS ex-IRAQI AF in YAF makings






Cockpit is a mix of aires thub and eduard PE



This one got spine from KP Mig-21 for bIS

i'll try to post all of mine projects that are not finished in GB ( well,... there is only one finished till now) in in progress thread...

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Hi guys I just joined.

I have muliples of the HiPM MiG-19S kit and i like it better than the Trumpeter kit. It is much more accurate in outline and a lot more fun to build. YES it is quite a bit more work but that is what I like because I will like the results more. One thing I noticed about the kit pictures in this thread is that it has detail in the wheel-wells which none of mine have, and I have all the variants of the kit. Did you put the detail in your self or is that molded in. I noticed the ejector pin mark and mine is lacking that also.


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i just discovered that in the last couple of weeks, "Pavla Models has come out with a wheelwell detail kit. I decided to just use the Eduard cockpit detail set but will also use the Pavla Wheelwell set also. The recommended 50g of nose mass I think is a bit much but about 35g is required. The hard part is finding a spot where to put it all. As a detail note; the cockpit color on the MiG-19 was a light gray for the Russian and Chinese built aircraft and a lite blue-gray on the Czech built aircraft almost identical, if not actually so, to RLM-76.

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