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F-14A VF114 on Enterprise around 1989

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As posted before, this is the first model I made, with varying techniques taken from the internet. All still somewhat rude, got to learn to control the techniques some more. e.g. the wash on the gear legs is a bit overdone I think.

Thanks Narita for firing up the flame for this hobby.

The carrier deck will maybe be remade in the far future got to learn some more about dioramas first. 3 deck personnel figures still to be added, but I consider this one finished for now. P-51D in the make, alclads being sprayed right now.

All be free to comment, I have a lot to learn! How would this model perform in a real contest? Just curious...











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I love a good ZOT!!!! in the morning, smells like I don't know,..................Victory!!!. Now that is one of the schemes that make the Tomcat such a scheme friendly aircraft.


That is a most excellent Dio and the centerpiece is outstanding....love the weathering.

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Come on dude, you don't have to lie to us about this being your first. This Tomcat has to be at least your 50th! :monkeydance:

Great job. For being your first i'm almost afraid to see what kind of work you'll be producing in 5 years.

Keep up the amazing work. :thumbsup:

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Thanks all for the warm comments. It's the Hasegawa 1/48th.

Yesyes, it's a first one, altough it took me 3 years to build, mainly because of learning all the techniques. Especially the airbrushing is a steep learning curve. Still not good at spraying fine details, so that Me109 mottling has to wait a few more years :blink:

I did make the cockpit twice, first built the Hasegawa one, and then found out about Eduard and Aires stuff. Great!

The nose gear leg is scratchbuilt, because I ruined the original one by wanting to repaint it. Brake fluid is very good for removing paint, but don't let the part soak too long in it...

The nose detail is the Verlinden set, very nice, but as I found out, most Verlinden thingies are pretty basic and need more scratchbuilding on them. The cannon for example still had to be made from scratch (syringe needles I used). The Aires stuff is more complete, but a lot of their stuff seems to be shrinked. The exhausts were smaller than the Hasegawa diameter, so not a nice fit. I just found out there is an in flight refuel panel for the F-14, pity just too late to fit that now.

The chains and tie-downs are from a Flightpath set. The deck itself is 320 grid sanding paper. That's why I want to remake it in the future.

As for decals, I used 2 sheets, one basic F-14 stencils and one hi viz aardvark sheet. I really wanted to replicate that old Revell kit, but the decals in that one were awful. Then I oversprayed it with the aircraft base color to blend it in more/fade it. Same method for the lettering and "110" decals.

Now I'm busy with a P51D with the Aires super set, a learning process for alclads. The cockpit worked out better than the F-14, but the wing is giving me headaches... I filled all panel lines and used a riveting tool for the first time, not 100% satisfied, so I guess it's sanding and reworking.

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Hi piper19,

I'm very impressed by your Tomcat. You have obviously spent some time looking at pictures of the real deal because the weathering and dirt is very convincing. I find a couple of your photos very reminiscent of hangar deck shots.

The whole diorama is pleasing to look at with plenty of little details to hold the viewers' interest.

A most inspirational build, thanks for taking the time to share your images.


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