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Gallery Models from Korea is releasing a modern 1/350 USS Wasp (LHD-1)

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Well - great news to me: One of the kits I wanted the most was a 1/350 LHD-1.

Just discovered now that a new kid on the block is about to release it:


Fabulous! What a great "Wow" potencial these multipurpose amphibious assault ships have!

So, any of you guys have some intel to share? More details about this model?

Thank you! :woot.gif:

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I might be mistaken, but I think someone else (Dragon?) displayed one

at the Nuernburg toy show. Check the threads over at HS...I'm pretty

sure that's where I saw it.


Revell, currently on display now.

I wish someone would do a 1/350 LHA-1.


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You can see some pics of the Revell Wasp >>HERE<< on PrimePortal.

Could it be that the two are related? In the same way that ACE of Korea made the tools for the RoG Rafales and sold them under the ACE label in Korea? FWIW, it seems that the number of helos, tanks and so on given on the Squadron page seems to correlate with the number displayed on the Revell kit.

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