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Thought I would start with something that would take minimal aftermarket so contrary to my signature, I am working on this BK117.

Well damn, looks like my pictures didn't load on Photobucket! I guess I will try again tomorrow!

To suffice for now, here is a picture of the bird in question:


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One heck of a cool subject :woot.gif:

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has some cool looking ambulances to go along with their helicopters.

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She's looking really good! Of course, now I have to go outside and make sure that my stretcher is still in my aircraft... It was there this morning(LOL)! Just as a suggestion, unless you are going to use a bit of creative license, the oxygen tubing and mask are not usually found on rotorcraft crew members, as we don't usually fly high enough to require them. Can't wait to see your next update.


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Not a huge update... got the decals in the mail from Fireball Modelworks...

Awesome service, pricing and order time!

Just need to fill the gargantuan trench between the rotor housing and the body and I will be ready to paint...


I got these just at lunch so here is the artwork for now... I will get pictures of the actual decals hopefully (as well as the tail boom attached) tonight

Oh, and David... ya the pilot may not get done for awhile... he is a Verlinden Top Gun figure so I have a bit of plastic sur....excuse me resin surgery to do on him to make him look somewhat like a civilian pilot...

This is probably a borderline creepy question..but do you have any pictures of your choppers pilot? Also, do you still need any help designing decals or did Tim get you all fixed up? Give me a jingle (anyone) if I can be of service.

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Did you do the artwork yourself? If you did what program do you use?

The 135 is coming along well, we get one from PHI occasionally, but due to the altitude the AS350B3 is the prefered helo. Actually the EC-135 is the one I'm using for my avatar pic. Not the same as the one you are doing obviously but I've got lots of pics if you need anything for general detail of a medivac EC-135.

I'm guessing you will be using a lot of microsol to get those decals to lay down nicley though, the fuselage seems to curve in every direction where the kids are supposed to go.

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Aaron, Yes, I did the artwork, Fireball (Joseph) printed them... dang fast also. I gave him the artwork on Friday of last week... so a little less than a week when you factor in the weekend and the holiday on Monday. I generally use InDesign as that is what I am familiar with but I am starting to use Illustrator more.... The Live Trace function is sometimes a life saver!

Tell ya what... I will upload the PDF of the decals onto my personal FTP site sometime next week and I will put the link here for whoever wants them.

This thing is kicking my butt for sure.... it is a pain to get the gap filled... hopefully I can get some paint on her this weekend.

I am assuming I should buy a tanker load of MicroSol... we will see

The tail is in oven cleaner right now... I think my primer decided it wanted to be rhino liner or sand paper or something... it is really rough, more like a non slip coating...I stripped it hopefully it will turn out well

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The plan is mask and prime tonight

Yellow tomorrow

Red Friday

Blue and clear Saturday

Clear Sunday

Decals and RBF covers after that :P we will see

Yeah, painting sucks when one cannot work in hours and must work in days.

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cpoud117... I just noticed your comment... I am flattered :)

Wayne, you and Aaron must be pretty happy... the thread for this GB that says what everyone is building has almost 700 views!

David, thanks... this will all be Krylon spray bomb... so I don't think that will be a problem... thank you though

Here is some photo proof... man color helps my motivation!


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