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Skunkmodels Workshop 1/72 IDF Weapons Set

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Here’s an in-box review of the Skunkmodels Workshop 1/72 IDF Weapons Set. Released in January of 2010, this set contains a fine selection of Israeli Air Force weaponry. It contains four each of:

AN/AXQ-14 data link pod (for AGM-142 Popeye and GBU-15)

Delilah stand-off AGM

Python 4 AAM

AGM-142 Popeye AGM

Rafale Spice guided bomb (2000lb Mk84 bomb)

AN/AAQ-28 Litening

The weapons are in injected plastic and feature recessed panel lines.



Sprues A (Delilah) and B (AN/AAQ-28 Litening)


Sprues C (AN/AXQ-14 data link pod) and D (Python 4)


Sprue E (Rafael SPICE) and F (AGM-142 Popeye)


A detail shot of the Popeye, showing the recessed detail, which is a tad heavy, but not unreasonably so.


The instructions:

There are diagrams for the fin positioning for some of the weapons, which will come in very handy.


The decals:

Two of these sheets are provided, giving enough stencils for all four of each type. They’re quite thin and glossy. The text is too small to be read (even with magnifying glasses), but looks pretty clear and sharp.


The painting instructions:

Printed on the back of the box, the painting instructions give colour call-outs for GSI Mr.Color paints.


Finally, a very good weapons set providing much-needed ordnance in injected plastic for your IAF builds. But calling this an “IAF set†is selling the product short. Python 4s are used by several other air arms around the world (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Thailand...), Popeyes and their associated data link pod are used by the USAF, the RAAF, the ROKAF and the Turkish Air Force. The Litening.... ah, too many to list up.

What measurements I was able to find seem to indicate that this set is very much spot on.

This set is available from LuckyModel (CLICKY!) for 9.99USD. Excellent value for money!

Highly recommended! :cheers:

Raymond said that further 1/72 sets will be considered if this one proves successful. The product itself brings with it all things needed to be successful. Now we just need to buy! :lol:

Let’s see: Python 3 with associated F-15 pylons, Sniper XR targeting pod, GBU-39 SDB,.... :whistle:

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Thanks very much, Moritz.

Your reviews are very helpful and this continues that trend. It's great too hear of the possibility of more sets in 1/72 and I like your suggestions below -

Let's see: Python 3 with associated F-15 pylons, Sniper XR targeting pod, GBU-39 SDB,.... :woot.gif:

Thanks again for taking the time to post your impressions and photos.



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Moritz many many Thanks for review!! Is there F-16 pylon for Litening? :D or i can grab from hasegawa weapons set.

My set is on way to me, so i must get hurry to finish my Barak!!

It doesn't look like there is a pylon included, watch out with the Hasegawa pylon, it is too short. I don't know what the measurements are off the top of my head, but it doesn't extend far enough back, leaving the back end of any pod hanging out there.

Chernaya Akula,

Thanks a lot for posting the photos!


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