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FS: 1/32 Prop kits by revell + an F16A. UPDATED

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MAY 14 PRICD DROP, Still have the following for sale. I cleaned up the post a little tonight.

These are 1/32nd scale.

Prices are "plus shipping".

To lay claim to one, please post an "I'll take it" in the thread then send me a PM with your info so I can get a ship quote.

The more kits you buy, the cheaper shipping gets per kit! :thumbsup: SEE MY 1/32 JETS HERE: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=209715

And my 1/48 kits here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=209249

I'm still kind of new here, but have some good feed back already .

Please note: I can send pics if you give me an email address to send them to.

1: Gone

2: Gone

3: Gone

4: Moved to other market thread with my other 1/32 jets. Look here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=209715

5: Gone

6: Gone

7: Gone

8: P-51B Mustang, Kit #4773, NEW IN WRAP, 1993 release, "Bee" Maj. Duane Beeson's plane. $18

9: P-51D Mustang, Kit #4778, Made in Brazil, Rarer kit, Decals for "Carolina Moon", invasions strips on belly, and I think a Korean war version: "Red Eraser/ Bucky Blitz VI" USAF. I'll email pics if you send me your email. Box condition is opened and in good (not perfect) condition. Decals look good but just starting to yellow. Big decal sheet. $ 15

10: Gone

11: F3F-3 Navy Grumman, Kit # 85-5835, NEW IN WRAP!, '98 release, Decals for VF-5 (USS Yorktown) and VF-6 (USS Enterprise) $ 18

12: F4U-1D Corsair, Kit # 04781, ?1999-'02 release? Sprues still bagged, Like new box, Excellent Condition Decals for VF-17 Dec '43 "Ondonga" Lt Merl W. Davenport. And British 1836 Squadron, Air Group Leader of 14th Carrier Air Group HMS Colossus. $ 18

13: P-47D Razorback, Kit# 4554, NEW IN WRAP, "Lone Eagles" edition, '90 release, Decals for "Bonnie", plane number 227884. $ 17

14: P-47D Bubble Canopy, Kit# 4452, "Smithsonian Collection", 1986 release, Excellent decals. Decent box, opened, 1 wing half slightly warped near back, end, where its at its thinest, should straiten when glued to other half and if you put something stiff in between when assembling the 2 halfs, its that thin and easy to push strait Nothing a decent modeler can't correct. $ 12



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