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Hunters are still beautiful, after all these years!

Two planes bought in recent years by volunteers for our Airforce Heritage Flight. Both are airworthy and regularly fly displays at various events. Funny trivia, both carry a serial that would have been the next in line during the years these planes were operational in the dutch airforce. Operational Hunters F.6 had serials from N-201 to N-293, this one has N-294. The T.7 we had carried N-301 to N-320, the current one has N-321. (Although it's actually a T.8C)

A single seater:


And a trainer:


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Nice pic's Julien - though have another looky in your "RAF" selection - particularly pic No 2.........interesting colour scheme and markings. That looks like a Singapore FGA74 - most likely at Dunsfold prior to delivery -maybe?

Cheers Bill,

as I am no where near an expert I thought it was RAF despite the strange colours, I have another couple of Singapore Hunters so might put it in there as well.

Does anyone know for certain about pic 2?


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Hi Julien.

Nice selection. I would agree with Bill's comment on the Singaporean F74. On page 53 of the 'Warpaint' book, there is a drawing of a Hunter No 521 in full Service camoflage from the same Squadron.


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:wub:, G'day Julien,

Many thanks for posting these. a couple of those pics bring back memories for me. The two Singaporean Hunters in your third post (right after Robins post) appear to be taken at Williamtown. The give aways for me are the four power poles on the extreme left centre of the pic, the shape and size of the cars in the background, (having talked to Singaporean airmen, they said they could never afford the size of cars we had, just on registration grounbds alone, one fellow had a Mazda Capella and had to pay $1650 Sing$ per year for rego. I was shocked at that.) the two water towers, the straggly tree to their right and the Parachute Training Flight's fan tower (with wind sock on top) above and immediately behind the Hunter's open canopy. In the next pic it's the GPU that's the give away. Both these pics appear to have been taken to the rear of the 2OCU lines (which is where I remember Hunters operating from when at Willytown on exercises). Perhaps these pics were taken by a mate of mine. Another interesting thing is the insect on the lense of the camera in the second shot in that post. There were lots of those insects at Williamtown, especially in summer. Again, thank you for posting these.



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