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Gulf Oil Lockheed Electra

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I am gathering information for a Special Hobby Lockheed Junior Electra L12 build. Jim Schubert did a review of the kit back in 2001 and he mentioned that Gulf Oil Company had one in metal, blue and orange. The Gulf Hawk springs to mind and I think I want to paint my L12 in those colors. The problem is that I cannot find any information on the Internet or in the books I have about this a/c. Mr Schubert suggests the following readings as references:

1. Lockheed Aircraft Since 1913: Rene J. Francillon, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1987, ISBN: 0-87021-897-2

2. Wings or Airpower magazine: 1970s?* Article "Electra, The Twin Tailed Lockheeds" by C.M. Daniels

3. Model Art Magazine: 1970s? L-12 cutaway drawing

4. Flight magazine: Pre war L-12 cutaway drawing

Unfortunately, I don´t have access to any of these publications. I would really appreciate any further clues on this mystery!

Best regards


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