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Sorry... just this: http://www.coopersmodels.com/RVHP_Albatross.html

If you have a few pictures of the scheme you want... I could help you with the artwork.

No worries dude, I think may have made a mistake, I meant grey and white. I will send a PM of the scheme, its just I saw this one fly at an airshow in the UK with my dad quite a few years ago, and it looked great!

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Well I have finally got round to starting this one, typically I have lost my starting photos, but ive not got very far anyway.

The kit is quite detailed on the inside, you can have the internal cockpit door open for example, but you can see nothing when it is closed up, so I havent done much to the inside at all. It is a typical Amodel kit with no locating pins and quite thick joins between the sprue and the tiny bit you inevitably want in this scale, but with some sanding and tidying up, it is not really a problem. I have added a bit of nose weight, more out of habbit I think! I have also cut out the rear door as I wanted to add to little bit of interest. I will scratch build a 'at sea rescue platform' they would have hung out the door to pick up the downed pilots. Well, we will see how that goes ?!



Hope your build are going well.



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