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I am building this kit for my dad, who I took to the USAF museum in dayton a couple of years ago. He loved the museum, and loves this airplane, and who can blame him, its immense! And so frankly is the kit.



I started it on valentines day, prob not the best day to start this project, esp with the words 'it's really not as big as it looks in the box', then proceeded take over the kitchen with massive bits of plastic and glue and copious amounts of paint!

I would like to try and model the J, but that depends on the decals I can get hold of. The ones in the kit only depict the all over silver version (RB-36H,B36H) but, I prefer the silver and white colour scheme, and most importantly of all, sporting the blue SAC band! I do have a set of decals from an earlier issue of this kit (currently at my dads house, awaiting posting to me), I am hoping they will allow me to do one of these versions.

Anywho, I have painted and constructed the cockpit areas now, and the massive bomb-bay, though I havent added the bombs yet. I used Tamiya cockpit green, and various shades of greys for these areas, weatered with tamoiya smoke and I also tried pastels for the first time too.

The colour call outs in the instructions do not really match with any of the ref photoes I have found, though in fairness, the two aircraft from where the photos came from conflict with one another too. So I decided to go with the theroy of 'if it looks right, thats close enough, and when the canopy is on you wont see anything anyway' approach!





This is it so far, I just have to try and fit in a house-brick for enough weight to keep the nose down before I close her up. Will post again when that is done.

Cheers for looking, hope all your builds are going well, esp you Ryan (rescibing one of these, ha ha, mad :whistle: !)


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