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Stash Blowout! 1/48 kits FS/FT *Updated*

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More stuff for sale or trade. Shipping not included. Prefer Paypal or money orders. All kits & resin are 1/48. Prefer to keep trades in NA.


F-16B - $30

Classic Airframes

TA-4J Aggressor - $25

1/72 Hasegawa US-3A Viking COD - $15


Two Bobs 48-020 AV-8B Hard Corps Harriers - $12

Fox One 32-006 USMC Phantoms in SEA Pt.2 - $8

Black Box

F-86D - $15

A-7D/E -$15


1/32 Trumpeter F-8E

1/32 Tamiya F-4J

1/48 C&H A-1E Skyraider conversion

1/48 C&H F-100F Conversion

1/48 C&H RF-8 Conversion

1/48 Kinetic E-2C

1/48 Trumpeter F-100

1/48 Czech Models F3D-2

1/48 Hasegawa F-4EJ (09873) 8Sq Panthers Black Special

1/48 Fox One F-102, F-106, and F-4 Decals

1/48 Hawk U-2

1/48 Testor / Italeri U-2C, U-2R Senior Span......

1/48 Testor / Italeri YF-12A

1/48 B-26K Conversion - Paragon or Cutting Edge

Any 1/48 U-2 aftermarket items / conversions

Any 1/48 SR-71 aftermarket

Any OOP 1/48 Victory Prod. Decals (except the A-4 and German Starfighters sheets)

Also looking for older 1/48 Monogram releases especially F-100's, cold war stuff.......

Any other 1/32 offers will be considered also, but will trade favorably for the above listed kits.

Thanks for looking!


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE THE BLANK PANTHER!!! I WANT IT!!!! I put a post out for one and you have answered my prayers. I hope it is in 1/48 scale. Please send a PM or email me at gmendoza55@aol.com

Thank you,



I'll take this.

F/A-18A US Navy - $40

F/A-18D VMFA(AW)332 Moonlighters - $40


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First I would like to appologize for taking sooo long to get shipping quotes for everyone. I've been working alot lately and tomorrow is my "Friday" so everyone will get their totals by Sunday.

Again, thanks to everyone!!! You guys are a life saver.


PS, Cleaned out my inbox

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