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Well, I have made a start - using a mixture of the currently available drawings/renditions on the internet.

It's all a bit empirical - I'm making it up as I go along - but that's half the fun :doh:

It probably won't be 100% accurate - but it won't be any worse than Hasegawa's 1:72 scale or Trumpeter's 1:32 scale Flankers...... :D

The first thing I did was to create a 'centroplane' using thick white plastic card.....


I'll be using the cut-down wings from a Hobby Boss F-22 Raptor.....


.... and the engine nacelles from an old Nakotne Flanker....


Wish me luck.


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Ken, perhaps you can ask Mr. Zawa (Lone Star) for assistance.


Scroll down for the diagram



Just taking a quick look say to me that profile is inaccurate. Believe me when i say Ken have much better stuff available for use...

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Excellent Ken, I will be definitely follow this with great interest... especially because I am contemplating this build in my scale (1/144).

I think I can get proportions from photos pretty well but the actual size is still pretty tricky and there are so many differnt numbers out there. What basic

dimensions will you use for scaling down?

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