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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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Hi everyone!

My model has arrived. So now it will begin. The big beast is realy big!

First the big job of reassembling the front of the fuselage. Difficould task but not imposible. Here are some pictures:



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Sorry! My pictures are not so sharp but soon they will be becourse I´v bought a digital Pentax camera from E-Bey. It will soon arrive.

Now two more pictures takeing with flash:



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How did you know I LOVE BIG CATS !!!! :rolleyes: :unsure: :explode: :wub:

Gonna be fun FOLLOWING this thread...GREAT START by the way...

HOLMES :soapbox:

Well Holms! May be I knew it becouse I LOVE THEM TOO!!!!!!

Thanks for the words of confidence.

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O.K. A litle but it is beter then nothing. Canopin back side is kleened up. There was a lot of unnesesery staf.

And ejection seat was desassebled anone side klined uf from molded detales, which was not good. I´ll try to rebuild the whol seat.



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Ah the canopy looks good..

Hey mareku, when you scracthbuild the seats ,post pics of it as you do to show your progress..that would be nice...

Take care MY friend.......you are doing SO WELL...

HOLMES :whistle::whistle:

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Hello mareku,

Somehow I missed this thread so apologies for getting here late. It looks like you have made a fine start on your big 'Cat. :sunrevolves:

Your scratch built seats are very ambitious but look great and are quite an improvement over the kit parts. Keep up the good work. :sunrevolves:


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