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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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O.K Artysto Tomku, Not a big deal. It just sounded a bit like sarcasm to me, but I can undersend it was not your intention. Anyway thanks for your comets. The amo belts and amo fiting mekanizem is comeing, but I still have to try some things, before I´m satisfied with the resalts. :bandhead2:

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OK: Nekst I started to plan the bording ladder compartment. Two hatches I made:


The smaler is the lower one and the biger is the one ladder are.

In that compartement the amo fiting belt is visible very cleary, so how to do that!? :bandhead2: That is what I tryed andcome up with:



When paited and wethered a bit it looks beter than the original ones included in the toy. One more edvatige that it can be bend.




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Not bad? Incredible... so realistic, plastic looks like metal. Awesome! :D You have a "japanese hands"? ;)

Thank You Artysto Tomku!

But may be you are exaggerate alitle bit. :unsure: "japanese hands" hmmm... I like it. They are doing great looking models :cheers:

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You made them yourself out of metal? How??

Looks Awesome! :D

So it is how I did them. First I took a 2mm brass rod and put it in tu my lathe and turn the cartidge. It is very easy even it is so small:



Then I took an elecric wire and cut a 1,3mm cooper rod from it an again terned a bulit it self on the lathe:



When they bouth are put together they make a nice round:



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