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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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Wow!! Impressive attention to detail you have. Where do you guys find these huge kits at? Im going to be following this build and drooling the whole time. When your finished I might try my hand at building one. First time for scratch building for me.

Mike Young

Hi Mike!

Thank you for your kind coment. :woot.gif: I just fined out, that when one write to the Google F14A in 1/18 scale, it reviles a lot of places, were they are slill seling this big toy. As to the scratch building, it´s eazy when one practis a while and learn from ones mistakes. Good luck for your build in future.

Hapy modeling. Regards from Finland. Marek

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Marek... wow that ammo belt is hard-core! Fantastic attention to detail, looks like a master for an aftermarket set ;)

H-a-rd core is auto censored? It's not even a rude word... :rolleyes:

:woot.gif::rofl: Thank you Jon! That was good :nanner:

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Nice job!

Now lets see it in the gun bay! :)

Yes Jon! :thumbsup:

That wos my etended next step. To do the rounds fiting mekanizm, put everything in to th gun bay and enjoi the ready model of an F14A gun bay with the gun visible, in 1/18 scale. :whistle: Than I could start another model of F14A something, in 1/18 scale :cheers::salute:

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You should caste half this stuff and sell update kits for the 1:18 14s. You'd probably make a fortune. This is incredible stuff.

Thank you Bigasshammm for your kind coment :woot.gif: Your sugestion is probably great, but I´m no biseness man. I can not make biseness and I do not enjoi it.

Yes I like money, but unfortunetly I do not know how to do them. I can only spend the many :rofl:

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