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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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I'm affraid I have bad news.

Marek has passed away few days ago. He was and He will always be a member of TOMCATSKY Group. We all miss Him much and praying for Him and his family.

I hope He is now out of pain and suffering. And I believe right now He is doing all this things He loved to do. Building a perfect Tomcat model.

Marek was a very friendly guy with tons of positive energy. He was an actor in Helsinki theatre. He was 59yo. Goodbye friend...

MY deepest heartfelt condolences to his wife and children.

REST IN PEACE Marek... :salute:

I will miss you much :crying2:

Marcin , would you please out this news up in the GD. Section so those that don't come here can see it there .please .thank you

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Sad news indeed!

Rest in peace, buddy!

Thank you, Marcin, for telling us!

Meikäläinen saa vihdoin rauhassa lepää,

ilman ahdistusta tai tuskaa,

nyt ystäväni nukkuu hilja.

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I loved the Tomcat ever since I saw The Final Countdown and was so sad to see it go when they retired it. Your work was a constant inspiration for many cat lovers in keeping the Tomcat alive in their hearts. And you were doing the seemingly impossible oh so effortlessly yet you were so humble about it. Mareku, rest in peace. I would have wanted to see your Tomcat completed but finished or not the legacy you left will continue to inspire the hearts of modellers everywhere.

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Rest in Peace, Marek ...

I must admit that Marek was one of the guys which became a true 'boyscout' for the Tomcat modeling community.

His optimism and craftman scils where of a very high (and not often beaten) levell !!

He was ( and is) THE only reason why I became a member of ARC, just this minute ago, so I could give my condoleces.

I am reading most of your treaths for more than 3 years ( as a guest), but wright now we must give him the deepest respect for what he has done in his live.

I hope that he will not be forgotten in the upcoming years.

Kind regards,


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you were such a source of wonderment for us mere mortals who followed your work with fascination. You encouraged me not only as a modeller but as only one who knows suffering when death came to my door. I will miss you but take comfort knowing that you hurt no more and that you will fly and soar and reach out and touch the face of God.

Bye for now buddy,


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Hello Guys

This time I have a good news. Just before Marek passed away we settle that his build should be continued. It was his last wish in this case and we as a Goup TOMCATSKY also decide to take it in our hands and finish this remarkable model for him!

So, right now we have his model and we are going to arrange a build plan and share the job. Keep fingers crossed for Marekus Cat Snatch Fever!

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