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Fairmile 'D' Motor Gun Boat

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Here are a few photos of my Royal Navy Fairmile 'D' MGB, circa 1943.

I built the boat originally in 1975, in 1/72 scale, from some old black and white photos. I carved the hull from a 4X4 cedar fence post. The superstructure is paper card stock, and the the fittings, guns, boxes, etc. are made from wood, plastic, copper wire and cardboard scrap. The machine gun turrets are wooden thread spools. In 2007 I came across a couple of Fairmile 'D' books, including one by John Lambert with detail illustrations and photos of the Fairmile 'D's. So, I decided to completely rework the model to it's present state.


Original model built in 1975.



Rework begins in 2008.



New and reworked parts.



The completed model before decals March, 2008.




Completed model with homemade decals applied.





Quite a change!

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That is just a great model. If it was out of the box, it would be awesome, the fact that you scratchbuilt it is just amazing. Very nice job.

Question - what is the purpose of that cut out area on the hull?



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Question - what is the purpose of that cut out area on the hull?




The hull scallop cutouts are for clearance when firing torpedos.

My model depicts MGB 673 when she was originally built (June, 1943) as a Motor Gun Boat, without torpedo tubes. Torpedo tubes were added in October, 1943, and her designation was changed to Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB) 673.

Here are links to two photos for reference.

MGB 673 (without torpedo tubes)

MGB 673

and MTB 724 (with torpedo tubes)

MTB 724

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What a transformation! That is truly magnificent creation you have built.

Next to a/c boats and ships are definitely the apples of my eyes :jaw-dropping:

I'm thinking of buying the ITALERI Elco 80 ft Torpedo Boat PT-596. 1/35 ..probably a bit amibitious but hey ho, nothing ventured...nothing gained!

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