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Hasegawa C Hornet on sale

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Thank you for posting that.

I will have to get one.

As phantom pointed out the Hase F/A-18 can be VERY expensive round these parts.

Really? They are cheap around here. Our local hobby shop has 3 of the 1/48 hasegawa F/A-18c's for $50 each and they have been there for a few months. IIRC they have the VFA-94 mighty shrikes markings. :)

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I miss Ed's store also PHANTOM. He has the best deals around. Now you go to Hobby & Toy central and they want $123 to $133 for a Has 1/48 F/A-18c kit and the Tomcats are over a $100 now too. I went to Toronto to Aviation World and there prices are not much better, the owner told me that Canada lost their Hasegawa distributor so expect these high prices until we can get a new distributor. Now if we order from Sprue Brothers or Lucky Model online Bugs, Super Bugs and Tomcats are around $50-$60 U.S. dollars, so you convert this to Canadian and add shipping and they are around $75. Don't know how they handle sales tax and other border tarriff charges but would still be cheaper than what they are asking for around here.

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I just love Navy fighter jets but I can't get past the prices and what you get in the kits. Haseagawa F/A-18A-F and F-14A-D use to be around $69.00 Canadian at Ed's store in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Now he is closed but even in Toronto and area these kits are all well over $100.00. Then on top of it there is very few or no weapons, that is pretty sad. So then you look at Air Force jets, Tamiya F-16's in 1/48 I can buy almost 3 for the price of one Hasegawa Navy jet, and then the F-15E buy the Academy and the Revell and make a nice kit for $60 total. Then there is the new F-22A from Hasegawa and that kit is only like $79 Canadian. So why is it the Navy jet guys are getting scammed?

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