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Kinetic Norwegian F-16AM build

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Here is my first Kinetic build, a Norwegian F-16AM.


Coming as a request to show it after I mentioned it in my Barak article around here, my write up won't be as substantial this time around.

Everything on this build is OOB - except the IRIS-T missiles that were left after a RoG Eurofighter build. Skunk Models now has them in a European Weapons pack.


The paint is FS 36320 Neutral Gray from Polly Scale. One glitch that I did in building it is that I used the wrong walkway decals on it. Not long after completing it last year I saw an article on the Norwegian Vipers and saw that after the MLU the walkways are black - NOT GRAY. I think it goes back to my 72nd builds a long time ago when I used a darker gray walkway on the Norwegian Viper - but here the walkway just disappears.


This was my first build so I made mistakes with it such as the canopy not being attached all that well, also I didn't buff the seam out on it (is it any wonder I am doing it in the Display Case but not Critique Corner?) My favorite oopsie is the centerline ECM pod....it ain't square to the c/l of the plane - how I did that I don't know. But I will plead that was the last thing I added to the build and just wanted it DONE! Looking closely at it, I see a huge thumbprint on the nose wheel in CA that I only partially sanded out - that wheel was the reason I went Royale Resin for the rest of my Vipers


The Loadout is what I thought a CAS load in Afganistan would be, 2 GBU-12s under one wing and 2 Mk 82 slicks under the other. I think I originally wanted baby JDAMs - GBU-38s but then read somewhere that they were not yet operational - so on went the slicks. The targeting pod is the Pantera pod. I think I painted it too dark a shade of gray. I think it should have been Gunship and not Euro 1 Gray.



I had originally wanted to do it with the Penguin missiles but found out that the MLU is not capable of carrying them. I've got them in the weapons locker (a shoebox in the closet o doom) so I can eventually do an earlier one. Looks like my recent purchase of a RoC Block 20 will be the first one to have an anti-shipping loadout - with Harpoons.

Like many of my builds - if I have done multiples - the first one is the learning experience where I make the mistakes and learning curve with. So it may be a case that if I can find one cheap in the future I may rebuild it and do it better



And notice on both I have knocked off the nose pitots

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Mighty fine AM! I love the color! It has been a true Nightmare to find the correct colour for me here in norway, I finally landed on Vallejo 158, and that is where I am going to stay! I had to finally pick one, and now I am planning three more, 2 BM's and one AM.

Great looking bird, thank you for the pictures!!


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Very nice Matt - although buffing out the seam isn't as hard as you might think. 5 minutes work with a set of polishing sticks from MasterCasters, so easy even I can do it! :blink:

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