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Quick Blackhawk question

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I just can't get a good head-on view to answer this question:

Are the front wheels canted to an angle at all?

The MiniCraft kit that I'm working on seems to put them on a fair angle, which just doesn't seem right at all.

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I hear ya. That's why I have a stash of 'em in 1/72 and 1/35 :)

If only there were 1/48 options of the UH-60L... I would love to make that into a Customs bird.

At least I have two sets of the decals in case anyone ever comes out with a solid version!

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What is that rig on the gear support fairing? Never seen that before.


Looks to be a nav light at the back and a plume detector/missle warning sensor at the front. I believe they are standard on the UH-60M?


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