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The China-Iran-Tomcat Connection

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It was a figure of speech. Sort of like saying do to others as you would expect them to do to you.

Diversity is nice, never said it wasnt. Any other attacks on me you want to throw based on something I didnt say?

Peace Out

PS. Look up diplomatic in the dictionary, you will see that it has other definitions than dealing with other countries.

Just off my meds, sorry.

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I was going to edit the political posts out of this thread, but you know, I've got other stuff that's higher in priority right now, and in all honesty, some things were not completely over the border as well (and others were), but in the interest of fairness to all concerned, I'm declaring the thread closed. Thank you for participating.

Al P

Moderation Team Designated Driver, odd days and all holidays in North America.

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