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1/48 Heinkel He-111Z Zwilling build

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Good luck, I'm going to be following this one! I had the CE conversion years ago and ended up selling it in annoyance (and at the time, the impatience of a teenager) - i found the resin wing section shrank so much in curing that the chord was a good quarter inch shorter than the kit wing root

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I have the centerwing cleaned up................





I used an engine from a spare 111 kit to check the fit................



Not too bad, blending the engine in will be a little work. And here are the exhausts, propellers and spinner from the Cutting Edge kit......................


The first thing I'll do is the fuselage interior. I'll need to fill in the wing root area and fill in any internal details. Does anyone have any good interior shots of the fuselage sides?



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I got around to dealing with the fuselage interior wing roots. I scrapped off the detail where the styrene sheet inserts will go. The bottom fuselage is ready for the insert, you can see the top fuselage has not been modified yet.


And here are the inserts on all fuselage halves.................


I'll putty and sand these smooth then add the internal detail after I make the floor.

more soon,


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Here is a little progress. I puttied and sanded smooth the inserts on all 4 fuselage halves.................


I'm still going through my references for the fuselage interior. Looking for H-6 interior pics. Next I'll start on the floor and sides.


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Here is some basic information on the He-111Z

Mating of two H-6 fuselages (a few H-16 fuselages were used)

Engine : 5 x Jumo 211F-2

Takeoff power : 5 X 1,340hp

Max Speed : 270mph

Cruising Speed : 244mph

Range : 1,243 miles

Ceiling : 32,800 feet

Defensive armament - (Varied considerably)

A Stand : 2 X MG 131

B and C Stand : 4 x MG 81

D stand : 2 x MG 81Z

Crew : 7 to 9

He-111Z-2 - planned variant to carry 4 Hs 293 glide bombs guided to the target by the FuG 203b Kehl III transmitter in the starboard cockpit


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K&L Productions years ago produced that set plus the 109Z and a few others and ended up selling the masters to Cutting Edge. K&L had machine gun(s) and vacuformed front nose glazing(s) in his kit when it was issiued, does CE have those parts in there? Have to dig mine out to see how many guns and such, if I can find it baried in all the boxes as I am in the middle of moving my shop around.

Kinda of funny that Kenny who mastered the kit is from Peoria Illinois and he sold the masters to CE which I think Dave is from Peoria also (if I remember right Dave owned Peoria Camera when he lived here)

See Ya, Randy

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