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Prize winners Enterprise group build.

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We have 19 completed models.

We have two models done under the same name (midenhall rules) but we all know that one was done by the signatures daughter so I will count that as two. And therefore two prizes in the lottery.

We have 8 models done by one person (Darren Roberts)

We have 4 models done by a moderator (me) I get NOTHING and lots of it!!!!!! ;)

I'll give a couple more hours then announce the winners........

So far its.......

nubaba F-4J

piper 19 F-14

Trojan Thunder NCC-1701

Rampage 55 F-18F

drhornii S-3

Midenhall rules A-5

and his daughter F-14

Darren Roberts A1. E-1, A-4, A-5, A-1, F-8, RF-8, F-4

phantom, but I am not eligible. CVN-65, NCC-1701, F-14, NCC-1701 (evil)

If you think you should be added lets see your finished model.

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OK, no one else added any finished models so here we go..........daughter one is drawing the names for me.

Prize from me. Small Polar Lights NCC-1701 USS Enterprise .........drhornii

20 Euro prize of products from RB productions (email www.radubstore.com) ............trojan thunder

Mystery prize from Tony Hayes........... rampage 55

A set of Two Bobs decals ..............piper 19

A set of Two Bobs decals ..............midenhall rules (dad)

A set of Two Bobs decals ..............midenhall rules (daughter)

A set of Fightertown decals ...........Darren Roberts

A set of Fightertown decals ........... nubaba

For prizes from myself and Tony H, please PM us.

For RB Productions, I provided the email address

For Two Bobs and Fightertown please contact by PM or direct. I will contact the donators and give the ARC names of the winners. Congrats folks on a job well done!!!!

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