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That is very, very nice work. Excellent NMF!!! If only there was one of these beasties available in 1:48...



Darius, At 1/48 scale, you would have to build on an addition to your house, wouldn't you? Just kidding. A 1/48 scale B-36 would be something to behold.

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Thanks for the comments, the build itself was'nt bad at all, the difficulties that I encountered were entirely my mistakes! for example,I learned that 'Alclad' is a LACQUER, not an ENAMEL, therefore canNOT be sprayed on top of the other. (I can hear someone saying "If you had read the bottle....") :woot.gif: Yes, yes, lesson learned. I rescribed the entire thing although the primer and painting process filled the panel lines most of the way back up. :wave: The decals are from Warbird and the went on without a hitch and responded to the Solvaset very well, the paint is Model Master and Alclad (I found a way to make them get along) Overall, it was a real joy to build, so much in fact that I'm thinking of doing another one immediately, an "A" model this time (Maybe). :salute:

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