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I put up a few photos of the kit parts over in planned builds. I'm in progress now and thought I'd start a thread.

The kit again, Hasegawa's Foxtrot Super Hornet. I will be using the box top decals. Sorry for the blur.


Cockpit sidewall (Eduard) in place and painted dark gull gray. I need to do some detail painting, and perhaps a wash.


Cockpit and side panels in place. I'm working on coming up with a throttle quadrant and the two side sticks for the aft cockpit. The panels on their own are way too flat.


Front cockpit panel. I have tried repeatedly to get a better phot, but can't.


I'm not thrilled with the colors Eduard chose for the pre-painted etch. They seem too light to me. The ejection seat parts (black in real life) are about an RLM66/Gunship Gray color. I may need to over paint the detail and replace it myself, since I would go with more of a Tamiya NATO black for these on my own. The grays on the panels are about a light aircraft gray. I chipped some of it folding the rear panel and had to overpaint a substantial area in dark gull gray, making the edge on a panel line to make it less obvious. What I do like are the displays. :woot.gif: We'll need to pretend that the bird is powered up sans pilots, but this will also explain why my flaps are not dropped!

Miscellaneous bits with Mr. Surfacer on the ejector pin marks. This kit has more pin marks than possibly anything I have ever built!


My Mr. Surfacer used to be 500, but with age it has thickened to a brushable putty. This is good for some uses, but not more subtle gap filling. My jar of Mr. S 1000 is headed in the same direction. Time to head for the LHS for some fresh supplies; I hope he still carries this.

And now, for the iron that will be dropped:



Three Mk. 83s and a GBU-16. Nothing says Navy like 1000 pounders! The loadout is one VFA-115 used on deployment, I believe in OEF. Three dumb bombs on the right wing, an LGB and single Slammer on the left wing. Sidewinders (-9Ms) on the wingtips, a single tank on the C/L and the targeting pod on the left cheek.

I'm glad the iron and LG bombs aren't next to one another on the wings in this configuration. You can tell they were mastered ~20 years apart (both are Hasegawa aftermarket), and there are subtle size and shape differences that might be more visible were they next to each other.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you like my plan. Happy Easter :pray:

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Still working, but nothing worth taking photos of. This kit has a lot of ejector pin marks in visible areas, such as the intakes and the gear doors. Cleaning them all up is taking time. The intakes also have some bad joins that need some cleanup. I'm putting Mr. Surfacer on the bombs and stippling them to make the ablative texture on Navy ordnance; it's my first time doing this, so we will see how it goes.

I hope to have more photos this coming weekend. Stay tuned.

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Recent progress:

Got the top of the cockpit painted:


Lightened up the color of the cockpit to better match the pre-painted photoetch:


If you know what color Eduard uses for these panels, please let me know.

Finished one seat, left the other for comparison:




I used Tamiya NATO black for the seat, this is still too dark compared to the Eduard PE on the parachute pack. Well, its on now, so I'll make the back seat to match. :thumbsup: Overall I think the PE on the seat is a big improvement over the kit seat, but still not as good as most white metal or resin ones. I doubt I'll use PE on a seat like this again, except for the straps and handles.

Next time...warheads for foreheads...

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plastic modeler- thanks for the support on the seats.

Unfortunately I had a big issue tonight as I was taking off the canopy to unmask:


Just say no to crack! The canopy was ruined (anyone have another? Seriously. PM me.). :tumble: But I won't let that stop me...

Some of the better aspects of the almost completed build:







The iron to be dropped:



3x BLU-110 (I found out they are not Mk. 83s if they have 3 bands, due to a different explosive). 1x GBU-16, 1x AIM-120, 2x AIM-9M.

Tomorrow: Paint the lights and add the last PE antennae.

Good luck to the rest of the participants. May you complete on time, and without any disasters like mine! :(

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plastic modeler- thanks for the support on the seats.

Unfortunately I had a big issue tonight as I was taking off the canopy to unmask:


Oh Man! know that feeling...

Pity, as the rest of it looks really good.

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