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A few reasons to get this one done this years...

1) Year of the tiger

2) Before it become obsolete by AFV release

3) It is a beautiful aircraft..


Old Mono kit, raised line,

It will be in malaysian marking, i already got the required decal sent to me by Phantom, Thanks Shawn...

I am currently rescribing all the lines... this may take some time...Later...

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Assy in progress... fitting is not to bad for this old kit...


another view on the cocpit.


I used 2 Al tubes to close the see thro intake and give some depth to the engine....


next, putty and sanding on the seams line....

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Shawn.. yah.. Now I have to find the tutor kit.... thanks....:jaw-dropping::):wacko:

and Hobbycraf's decal went on without a problem, I heard their kit quality is average , but they sure produce some top quality decal..


Final Assembly soon..

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Hey!!! Those would look good on a CT-114 Tutor as well!!!!!! :)

I think those decals are from a Tutor. I have the Standard Service Marking version of the 1/48 Tutor kit and that sheet looks awfully familiar.


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F-5F, No 12 Skn, TUDM Butterworth..




Many Thanks to Phantom for the decal, and I will start another build, maybe a F-5B or TA-4PTM..and thanks for watching...

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