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A few USN Modern 1/32 figures

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Several generous ACR folks gave me their Academy figures since they weren't going to use them.

Thanks guys!

Pete Brown

This is a pilot figure from the Academy F/A-18.

I modified his pose a bit, as he will be climbing into the F-14D.

Still need to lighten up some of washed wrinkles in the flight suit.

Also gotta work on that mask, it looks like some kind of sea shell!


Climbing into a very unfinished F-14D.


Some of his crew mates.

The RIO pilot is a Reheat figure with an Academy head and helmet.

The green shirt and red shirt guys are also from Academy's F/A-18.


And here are three USMC guys that snuck in.

They were also finished about the same time as the USN figures.

Although the pilots are with a UH-1N, they'll actually be used with an AH-1W I'm working on.

Here's a USMC mechanic working on the AH-1W engine.

He's a tall bugger, about 6'4'' I'd say!


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Thanks Gino.

I saw some USMC crew chiefs with that type head gear on when they were working on a Cobra here in Medford a few years ago.

So I guess they can crossover between branches.

Have you used those helmets I sent you yet?


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Here's a couple USMC helicopter pilots I've been working on as well.

One figure is from Kirin and the other from Azimut.

Both with slightly modified heads and arms.

I've attempted to refashion Italeri ATV helmets to replicate ones used by USN/USMC crews.

Pete Brown


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