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All-Purpose Cockpit Colors Thread

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Confused.....that site says FJ cockpits were grey/black with the FJ-2

So...which one is it....grey or black?

Also...I'm planning on doing the Czech Model FJ-1.....what color was that cockpit?


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Hi again...

Hopefully my last dumb question on this F-100 build:

The slat actuators - what color? I have the D&S F-100 book and it actually has nice pictures of

this, but they're b&w. They look like they could be black. Anyway they're dark. Anybody know

the color, or have good guess?



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Not quite a colors question since I have seen one shot of the Sabre I'm going to build and it has a gray pit. But, are there any images out there of an F-86F Sabre cockpit with the LABS system installed? All I've found thus far is an F-86H cockpit shot.

No biggie if I don't get the answer as I'll just build stock and leave it at that.

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