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OK..... The long-awaited parcel has arrived from Hannants

with a bunch of resin and photoetch goodies for my F-100.

I now have everything I want in order to start this project.

I will try to post pics of all the bits either later tonight, or on

Sunday. I am looking forward to this one!


- Patrick

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Ok.... here's a look at what's in the kit box, provided for those who may have not seen it before:

Box art:


Decal sheet A:


Decal sheet B:


Decal sheet C:


I highly doubt I'll be using any of these kit decals, with the possible exception of some of the stencilling.

As for the accuracy of these, I'll leave that up to others as I am not familiar with these markings.

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Metal parts:


Item at lower left is a nose weight ballast.



Tomorrow I will post pictures of the ton of aftermarket stuff I bought for this kit.

Thing are going to be slow at first as I am finishing up on a Tamiya F-4C

before I completely jump into this model.


- Patrick

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Here's the aftermarket goodies I'm using.

Aires afterburner can and exhaust nozzle. I hope to use this in conjunction with

the Master Details F-102 nozzle.


Aires landing gear bays:


Aires cockpit:


AMS drop tank correction:


From Master Details... F-102 type exhaust nozzle and engine nose:


Wheels by Renaissance:


Zacto models corrected nose/intake and FOD cover:


Decals will be coming from multiple sources since the aircraft I'm doing isn't covered

by any existing sheets.

I will finish my F-4 tonight, barring any unforeseen disasters. I'll begin work on this model this weekend.

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OK......... Let's get started! I promise you this WILL NOT be as entertaining as one of chukw's builds!

First thing I did was to cut the casting stubs off all the resin parts. Once that was done,

I started messing around with the cockpit parts. I assembled the Eduard color instrument

panel, and glued to to the Aires IP backplate. The ejection seat rails were glued into the

tub and the whole thing was given a base coat of dark gull grey. Seat was painted the

same color with a O.D. seat cushion/survival pack. Side consoles painted flat black.

To the best on my knowledge, the Eduard IP is the wrong shade of grey. It should match

the rest of the cockpit.


While I was waiting for glue and paint to dry, I turned my attention to the fuselage and intake

ducting. I'm not liking the seam that's going to need fixing inside that duct! Fit of the

fuselage is OK. I can make improvements. I shaved away molded-in cockpit detail from the

inside of both halves. Also needing removal is the landing gear bay areas in the fuselage

bottom (Main gear), and on the bottom part of the intake duct (nose gear) to facilitate the Aires

resin bay parts. This Aires stuff is MUCH MORE detailed than the kit parts! Guess that's what I

pays my money for.... Also, those access panels will be closed up on my model. Undecided on

whether or not the underside speed brake will be deployed or not.


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I've wanted one of these kits since it came out. I'll follow your build closely, looks like all you need is a kitchen sink to go with all the goodies. Good luck with your build. Don M.

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The engine:

Over engineered! Not only does this kit have an engine, but it has this plastic and photoetch

compressor unit. It will never be seen and that's a good thing because it looks bad. My model

will be all closed up, so I'm only doing minimal assembly and painting here:


Also includes a ficticious turbine that I ended up cutting off in order to fit the Aires resin 'burner can:


Do you think a real jet engine has all those ejection pin depressions inside? I surely hope not!

Here the kit supplied engine nose has been replaced by an accurate one from Master Details. When

deciding whether or not to buy this, I asked Ben Brown if this was actually visible through the intake

from the nose. He says the bottom part is if a flashlight is used. I'm not sure if this model will ever

go to a contest or not, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and added it:


Engine components prior to final assembly and painting The resin exhaust nozzle is the F-102 type;

a must if you're doing an ANG aircraft:


Test fitting some of the internal fuselage components. There's a lot in there, so I'm anticipating fit problems

when I join the fuselage halves.


Now, I have to deal with a couple ugly seams running up the intake duct. I'll be back......

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Your progress is awesome. I have the same problem with the seam in my Sabre (photo in my thread) and it's going to be a bear to fix. I'm leaning more towards the lazy man's solution - FOD cover!

Keep plugging. I bet she's gonna look quite nice when done.


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I have the same problem with the seam in my Sabre (photo in my thread) and it's going to be a bear to fix.

Thanks for the nice words, Mike. I spent a couple hours sanding along those seams

using sandpaper wrapped around a paint brush handle. Results were satisfactory,

although I think if I ever put it in a contest, I'll likely stick a FOD cover in there.

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Alrighty then.... continuing on.... :rofl:

After spending some "quality time" with that intake duct, I can get back to business.....

Here's a comparison of the unmodified kit lower wing part (left) and with the Aires resin bay in place (right).


Pic of the left fuselage half with everything in, ready to be joined up to the right half.

Considering all the stuff packed into that fuselage, I made lots and lots of practice

dry-runs fitting those fuselage halves together. Before committing glue, I want to know

where every pit-fall along the way was going to be. I realized the Zacto nose was best fit

to the left fuselage/duct assemblies at this time. Fitting it after the fuselage halves were

joined and glued was asking for trouble. Like this, the resin Zacto nose fit very well with

little fiddling around:


Fuselage assembled, and stabilators temporarily fitted into place:


I've now got the wings assembled, but still without the control surfaces,

and the underwing fuel tanks are built up as well:


Harold's resin tank parts fit good and really look the part.

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Trumpy put a tomcat in a Hun box!

LOL...... I guess we could pass him off as a "Trumpeter Tomcat"......... he has a slightly deformed lower

lip that makes him look like he's sticking his tongue out just a little, and his markings are a little irregular! :thumbsup:


On my Hun, I got the assembly to the point where it's painting time. The aircraft is painted in SEA

camo, so I've sprayed a base coat of tan. I love Xtracolor paints. Found a couple workmanship

flaws, so as soon a everything is really dry, I'll have to take some fine sandpaper to a couple spots,

then respray those places.


From a pre-GB conversation, some of us were talking about the stance of this Trumpy kit. The real F-100

sits on the ground at a nose-high attitude. Taking from that conversation, I shortened the main landing

gear legs by a little over 1mm. Right now, sitting on its legs without wheels, it looks like it has the correct

stance of a F-100. We'll just have to wait and see how she sits after wheels are applied.

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More pics of painting progress...................

Friday's work:



......... and Saturday's work:



This thing is progressing mush faster than I ever dreamed it would.

Hell, I may have a second entry for this GB!

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Coming along nicely Patrick. Is it just me or do I see reflections of the tan in the aluminum paint around the exhaust? It's looking very good sir.

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Coming along nicely Patrick. Is it just me or do I see reflections of the tan in the aluminum paint around the exhaust? It's looking very good sir.

Nope. There's little light bronze color in there. I started with a base coat of Floquil gun metal

and that's 3-4 layers thick. Any of the original camo color in that area is very well covered.

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