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Fairey Gannet MkI 1/72 Revell

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Finally, after more weeks of modeling strike............but because only I havent time, I started Gannet last week.

First I made seat color, very particular in this airplane: a brow with some drops of red orange


After I made cockpit with some Eduard pre coloured photoetched and I painted it black smoke with light point in dark grey



Tomorrow I'll leave for Rome for a three-week stage..............if a certain Icelandic volcano will allow me.................Damn!! when I'll work on this kit ???



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This should be fun as I have struggled with this Gannet for months now. First of all, when you glue the fuselage sides together, there is a strange gap over the bay's rear bulkhead. I thought there might be a 'notch" on the bay doors to fill this in but no such luck. Some work goes there.

Good luck masking the canopies. They are so thin and brittle that the slighted pressure from masking tape snaps them in two. I wrote to Revell for another set. They took six weeks to get here. I bought another Revell Gannet just to get the part off of ebay. Its funny how many guys think nothing of laying out $20-30 for resin parts but wouldnt lay out the $15 for another kit to get the replacement part.

OK..once we have the canopies masked and painted..guess what? they dont line up properly on the bird. That's right..try and dry fit the forward canopies and they are "too long" on the fuselage. Solution...open one or both of them up (slide them back) and the space problems goes away. What another problem??? dry fit the bay doors closed..they dont fit at the aft end..no solution there except to display them open..Still need a challenge? Try figuring out the nose wheel configuration from the instructions. There are no locating holes to firm fix the gear, including the main gear on the wings, and all the struts and activating arms simply do not line up. Had enough??

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