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I'm back,not a lot of time to work on my foxbat,here is a small update :)

Following the ICM instructions sheet,I've started painting the dielectric panels on the fins,and I did this small mistake:


Indeed,on the starboard vertical fin,there is no dielectric paint on this place,as opposite to the instructions,and opposite to other Foxbats.


Normally a RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) antenna is located below the paint.

It looks like that on the export versions (I still don't know if they are "true" PD) the RWR antennas are located on the wing-tip fairings,like on this Libyan PD :


But,on other PD/PDS both antennas are available - wing-tip & fin - like on this Russian & Ukrainian examples :



I'm kinda lost between the export versions and the RWR systems... :huh:

Anyone knows Yefim Gordon address?

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Nice work on my favorite bird. I especially liked the way you worked out the intakes. Well done. Keep it up, can't wait to see the finished product.



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