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The PAK FA is a good looking plane, to me, from a bunch of angles. I agree with other sentiment I have read about the tails looking small, but hey, there are two of them.

I am surprised how, I dunno if this is the proper word, petite the PAK FA looks. At least in some of the angles on that video.

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The PAK-FA is a bit more fiction looking... something you would expect to see in a movie fighting against a F-22 in a James Bond movie or something. Maybe they can get Clint Eastwood to steal it?

Still a sexy bird. I still dont think it will be a match for the F-22, but pretty close.

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Nice vid.

I didn't realize the vertical stabs moved.

I don't know if it's the angle, but they look really small.

I can't wait to see some video footage of what kind of maneuvers it can do. I love watching those videos of the Russian jets doing those crazy loops and stuff. It looks so unnatural when they start doing that stuff.

Very, very nice.

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