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Completed 1/32 A/S32A-31A aircraft towing tractor

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Here's a pic of my recently completed 1/32 A/S32A-31A aircraft towing tractor from Special Ops Models. (Kit# MNFDT-3201)

I had one shot left in the camera, and a break in the rain today when the sun was out for a brief moment.

Everything went together flawlessly.

I sprayed it with Krylon White Primer.

Future was applied as a gloss base for the decals.

Next, a wash with diluted black oil paint and dry brushed with light gray enamel.

Finally, I topped it off with Testors Dullcote.

Chipped paint was done by brush with silver and black enamel paints.

The green shirt dude is an altered figure from an Academy F/A-18 kit.

Pete Brown





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Hey Austin,

Yeah, the top surface molded with a texture on it.

Very nice touch by Andy.

You're correct, I am an old school SLR film dude for now.

I'm still looking at DSLR's and saving my soda cans.

(Kid in collage, you know how that goes I'm sure)



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You got some talent in painting figures, my friend. One day I am gonna HAVE to try to get some paint on my Academy ones from the -18 kit! I do love the skittles on the decks....

Tractor came out great as well. Great job all around!


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Thanks fellas'

Glad y'all like it.

Jim, I might paint my figures, but I'm no figure painter.

I pretty much just throw on some color, wash and highlight.

Andy, I've got the jet. I just have to get it (F-14D Tamiya conversion) finished.

Got to make some chocks, tow bar, and get some of those chains and ratchets from Pitz Models.

Thanks again,


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