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F-35 news roundup

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1 hour ago, 11bee said:

May not see too many more of these if the "Five Star" political party takes power, as is expected.




Also, looks like the folks in Burlington, VT aren't interested in hearing "The Sound of Freedom".  Shocking...




Of course, this means absolutely nothing (at least barring any changes by VT's congressional reps). 



Italy is canceling the F-35 again? I didn't bother to click.



If Bernie wants to let the F-35 go to appease them, so much the better. We will take them along with the jobs and infrastructure and tax base that comes with them here. 



The only reason they have them at all was Bernie pulled strings for them. It's an international airport for crying out loud. It's not a library. Noise is the excuse to stop the evil MIC



The F-35 is ruining what was once a quiet international airport!

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